Fish Farming solutions

We can build fish tanks and other equipment in any size

Fish Farming Solutions

Trefjar is the largest production company in Iceland specializing in fiberglass construction, we have a large factory and a large outdoor space, so we can take on production of large elements in high quantities.

We have molds in many shapes and sizes, but we can also build fish tanks and other equipment in any size, depending on the needs.

Larger tubs are manufactured in elements that are assembled on site, with either a concrete base or a fiberglass base, depending on what suits each project.

Smaller tanks are produced in one piece or several elements, depending on how the transport routes are to site.

We have produced tanks with a diameter of up to 6m that come on legs and are free standing on the floor.

We offer design and strength calculations for fish tanks and other constructions.

We offer a complete solution in the construction of steel and aluminum in cooperation with Stálorka, our subsidiary company.

We can make fixed quotes for tanks and other equipment, with transport and installation on site included.

About us

Trefjar was established in 1978 and the ownership have been in the same family from start, soon after the establishment of the company we started to make fish farming tubs, that became our main business for many years, the company grew with increased demand from local fish farming companies, between 1980 and 1990 this was our main business and we built thousands of tanks.

The demand for fish farming tanks decreased rapidly after some years and we started building boats, first our small range named Skel and later our well-known Cleopatra boats, since 1990 that have been our main business, we have built approximately 500 boats in various sized and most of them are custom built according to customer wishes.

Trefjar acquired steel manufacturing company named Stálorka few years ago and they are specialized in stainless, steel and aluminum production.

Today Trefjar are the largest GRP manufacturer in Iceland and including Stálorka we are employing 75 people, with annual turnover of approx. 12 – 15 mil EUR.

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